Learn Photoshop For Digital Designs; flyers, logos, music covers & movie posters.


Learn Photoshop For Digital Designs; flyers, logos, music covers & movie posters. 

This practical video course and PDF guides will teach you Photoshop Basics and How to wow your clients with good designs !

                                                   MEET THE INSTRUCTOR:

Patrick Nkai (NK Grafix) is a:


٠Digital Graphic designer


٠Has B.A. in Performing Arts


٠Author & Book Editor


٠Online Teacher and YouTuber


۰Has over 3 years experience practising and teaching graphic designs, Writing & Publishing


 New to Photoshop or need a refresher? This Book is designed to give you a solid foundation in the basics of Adobe Photoshop.

In this BUNDLE PACK, you will learn:


✅ How to use photoshop for beginners; introduction to photoshop.


✅ Photoshop tools and how to use them.


✅ Layers, Groups and guides in Photoshop.

✅ How to move images from one document to another in photoshop.


✅ Photoshop Interface

✅ Photoshop filters and image adjustments.


In this BUNDLE PACK, you will get:

✅ Photoshop 2021 cc software 

✅ PDF files (with detailed explanations) 

✅ 5 free photoshop templates (flyers, movie posters & music arts), and how to edit them


✅Photoshop mockups (3d Logos, book covers etc)


✅ 1,000+ free & premium fonts

✅Free and Premium backgrounds for editing

✅Videos Toturials (tutorials are recorded in Adobe Photoshop 2019 and 2021)



Actual Price: N5,000


Today’s Price N1,000 

(Valid Only Within 24 hours


Transfer 1k to this  account


 acct no: 2269052510

 Bank name: Zenith Bank 

acct name: Nkai Patrick Boniface

And send proof of payment to this WhatsApp number 07011266646 

 how to access the book:

Download the zip file

Extract it to a folder on your pc or phone. 

✅Go to the extracted folder, open each folders to view and use the contents. 

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