On the heels of the POST ENDSARS violence that resulted in loss of lives and properties across the country,  Imo State announced approval of  2B for youth development, Oyo state was in the news for earmarking 500m for MSMEs and appointment of  5000 youths into government agencies; in Akwa Ibom State, youths gathered for prayers, five youths received political appointment from the Governor. If this news doesn't rob you of peace then your patriotism as an Akwa Ibomite should be checked! 

While a good number of youths in Oyo and Imo state will be having assess to funding for their businesses and ideas to create jobs and wealth for their teeming youths, five youths in Akwa Ibom will be receiving salary from the state government to buy land, build house, maybe marry and also start chasing girls that used to snub them when they were not SA to the Governor. Tomorrow we will fight NBS for rating us the second state with highest  unemployment rate.

Truthfully speaking, I have no issues with the people that represent the youths at  meetings with the Governor, but I have issues with the resolutions that are made at such meetings. 

Getting youths appointed into government is good but that should be done alongside other life touching programmes such as: interest free loans and grants for entrepreneurs.  How do these appointments address the real issues that plaque our youths?   Personally I don't believe in titles, I believe in impact.

let me start with Ini Edo, a youth that was appointment from my entertainment industry into/for  the entertainment industry.  Show me one movie production she has initiated to boost the growth of the Akwa Ibom film industry, is there any movie production set she has visited in Akwa Ibom recently, even if she is not a cast but a reputable actor from Akwa Ibom and SA on Tourism to support, acknowledge the efforts of Akwa Ibom youths building the Industry?  Ini Edo should be at the fore front of the advocacy for a film grant, a trust fund, film village and donation of a full range state of the art film equipment at subsidized rate for film makers but she only shows up during campaign and political rallies and to organize scam talent hunt with zero impact to the entertainment industry and the winners.

In the past five years, how many youths in government have initiated project/ program to better the lives of other youths in Akwa Ibom? Not upto 10. Do they even support these projects and events when youths with no political appointments organize them? Hell no! Do they even attend? Hell no! Only a very few of them do. We have vowed to continue investing in our youths with or without them because "nobody owes you anything". 

Do you know that Collins Oscar runs the MADE IN AKWA IBOM FACTORY/SHOWROOM with credit facility from micro finance banks? This is a factory that has given many  Akwa Ibom youths assess to production equipment, help increase/improve their production output as well as obtain NAFDAC certification for their products. Does the SA youths know where this factory is located? Has he ever visited either the factory or the showroom to support these Akwa Ibom youths that are driving the job and wealth creation agenda of government with their ingenuity?  

I want to state categorically, these "non-political youths with no broadshoulders, six packs and family are the bedrock  of the economy of this state, you can't just ignore them, except you want to fail!  The Onuks Brothers, Hanson Johnson, Allen Effeh, Kingsley Atang, Mmanti Umoh etc  deserve seats in your youth structure! You can't successfully address the concerns of Akwa Ibom youths without consulting these resourceful youths. Truth is, you don't know us! You are mistaking us for a generation that celebrates political appointments of individuals, monthly prayers and street credibility parties; those "achievements" have zero impact on our lives! 

Finally, there is need for you to create a  youth  structure for "apolitical youths", they also voted, campaigned and supported the Governor. It is alleged there is a budgetary provision of 3m naira for the monthly Akwa Ibom Youth Prays Summit, fantastic!  If  the political youths gather to pray  with 3m in January, the apolitical youths can gather for proper youth development discuss, idea pitch and share 3m million to the three best business ideas in February. There is need for a balance Sir! 

Enhe! If you supported the #EndSars and #Soroke movement but you screenshot this post for mischief and blackmail, my God and your ancestors will punish you.


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