[INTERVIEW]: Appearing in 2baba's video is nothing short of an open door for me. Edidiong

[INTERVIEW]: Appearing in 2baba's video is nothing short of an open door for me. Edidiong

[Naijanote]: What inspires you to dance?

[Edidiong]: ‘’Dancing is a form of expression for me. It's my way of living my reality. When I'm dancing, I feel like I own the world. Like there's nothing and no one that can obstruct my growth. My inspiration comes from within because I have to believe in myself before I can conquer’’.

[Naijanote]:  What are some little known facts about yourself you would want others to know about?

[Edidiong]: ‘’Some people may not know this but I'm a softie. I may look tough on the outside but I've got a soft spot for certain situations. I'm a proud Ibibio girl.. emphasis on PROUD. I'm a foodie.. don't know if there's any food I can turn down. I'm a social butterfly but I have zero tolerance for nasty behaviors’’

[Naijanote]:  Are you a student? If yes which institution and discipline?

[Edidiong]: ‘’Fortunately, yes. I'm a Thespian at the prestigious Akwa Ibom State University’’.

[Naijanote]:  What are your hobbies and does this help you with your dancing?

[Edidiong]: ‘’My hobbies do not really help with my dancing. I love hanging out with my friends and meeting new people. I love watching blockbuster movies and traveling as well. I don't really see how these can help with my dancing. Maybe you can but I don't.. LoL’’.

[Naijanote]:  Your recent appearance on 2baba-Target you video, how do you feel about that? And how did you get there?

[Edidiong]: ‘’Frankly, my journey as a vixen has not been easy. Appearing in 2baba's video is nothing short of an open door for me. I'm super excited about it and I feel so blessed. How I got there is nothing but God's grace, simply put. This isn't my first video but so far, it's the video that has brought me into limelight’’.

[Naijanote]:  Who's your admiration?

[Edidiong]: “Mercy Eke. She's a total sweetheart and I can just drool watching her on TV”.

[Naijanote]:  What sacrifices have you made for dance?

[Edidiong]: “Well, I can't list everything here because they're too numerous to mention. But all I can say is that I've had to let go of things as well as embrace new ones to be here”.

[Naijanote]:  Any incoming new project?

[Edidiong]: “Of course yass! They are four unreleased videos so far. I don't wanna raise anyone's hope but let's keep our fingers crossed”.

[Naijanote]:  What are your challenges ever since you started dancing?

[Edidiong]: “Challenges are inevitable. I've had a lot of shortcomings, truth be told. But they've never weighed me down. Rather, I've taken what the world has thrown at me and turned them into lemonades”.

[Naijanote]:  If you could give advice for aspiring younger dancers, what did you discover about the industry that you would want others to know about?

[Edidiong]: “ The entertainment industry isn't a bed of roses. It takes a lot of patience and determination to be in the industry. One can't expect to make a huge name for herself or make a lot of money at the beginning but you can hold on as long as you're passionate about it. You have to make good use of your location, just like I did. I'm a Lagos bred and like they say, "If you no wise for Lagos, you no fit wise for anywhere". I carried this saying with me everywhere I went and it brought me to this level”.

[Naijanote]:  Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

[Edidiong]: “Omo mehn!! In five years, I should be a role model. I'd take some acting classes 'cause I love to act. All I can say is that I'll be known globally, by God's grace”.

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