Isabella Akpan, in the late hours of Tuesday, 17th March, 2020 stole her way into a well secured and legally covered collection of poems titled #Reformations by Elisha Udom and stole the author's Intellectual Property.

The poem titled, "A Letter to my Best friend" is at page 63 of the book titled Reformations published in 2019 with ISBN number: 978-978-63803-7-0. Isabella Akpan carefully, skillfully and selected the first, third and last stanzas of the poem to suit her purpose without prior permission from the copyright owner of the book as provided for in the Nigerian Copyright Laws and expressly stated in the intoductory parts of the book.

This act however, was frowned at by the author who respectfully messaged the thief to reference the writer of the poem but she, out of ignorance that she has no right over the Intellectual Property of another insulted him and called him all sort of names. Further attempts to reach out to her have been proven  abortive.

Well, I wouldn't love to be rude on her, reasons being that I know her brain hasn't processed the fact that she has no right over another's property, but I'll love to let her know that, stealing is a sin both against God and man,  because if she could steal someone's work and still doesn't have shame to insult the owner, she could possibly steal anything, those close to her should be properly guided.
By this post, I hereby challenge Isabella Akpan to publicly state the reasons she feels it's right to just use someone's poem without permission and back her submission with relevant authorities. Note that she had acknowledged the fact that she actually stole the poem so that had been settled.
She is expected to delete the post, and in addition apologize to the author for the insults,she doesn't know how many nights he stayed awake to write that single Poem.

In her words, "Who ar u dat am to reference u in my post" she even used pidgin to show her level of iresponsibility, but let me reply, I AM THE WRITER OF THE POEM YOU SHAMELESSLY STOLE, MY NAME IS ELISHA UDOM AND I CHALLENGE YOU TI TAKE THIS CASE TO ANY LEVEL
Before I conclude, I want to say that she wouldn't have lost anything in adding the author's name to the post as long as the author spoke to her in a polite manner at first, and her refusal shows a clear case of lack of support, if you don't reference my name, how will I be popular? How will I be widely know like Chinua Achebe? So you see that act alone show's you're never in support of my Success, but just so you know, Poetry is Paying and will always pay.
Dear Poets, please someone some times ago submitted my poem for a competition, this isn't even the first time Isabella Akpan has used my poem talkless of others, we have all bad this experience, let's join hands together and end this now, else we would loose everything to these thieves who are ever ready to devour.

Note that this isn't the first time this same person is plagiarising my work, those who know Elisha Udom very well must have noticed that recently, he rarely posts poems online, it's for fear of people like Isabella Akpan.

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