Angry Soldier Writes Buhari. Indicts Govt,Military in Boko Haram Complicity.
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Dear Sir,

Permit me to proceed with the above mentioned subject. I was enlisted into the Nigerian Army 1st March 2005 with the aim of defending this beloved country Nigeria NOTE: before I was recruited into the Nigerian army, something occur that motivated me the more in joining the system which was my father.

After buying the Army form to sign my death warrant, in a provided column in the form, my father collected it and said to me - Are you prepared for this? then I answered yes father. He hugged me and said "your name shall be written in the warriors book of record in heaven that stood and defend his country."

This words has been my motivational tools until I was enlisted. During my swearing of oath I did it with all my heart believing this was what I'm coming to meet in the system but with what I'm seeing now, reverse is the case

Mr President Sir, from the depth of my heart I'm highly disappointed at you sir. You assured Nigerians that you will deliver and liberates them from this insecurities and poor governance situations and they trusted you, voted for you because, they believed you have the experience of battles as a retired general how can a well experienced general behave like this?

How can you release thousands of terrorist claiming they have repented, the worse part of it all is that thousands of them were granted derict entry into the Nigerian army and other security agency when the war is not even over. Sir with all due respect, you are decieving your self sir because, I know where all this is coming from. During the time of the former president, Umaru Yaradua (late) he granted the Niger Delta Militant amnesty and they were granted deferent opportunity to study in abroad that was why you are doing this.

You even organize a bill for the house of Senate to read which is to rehabilitate these heartless terrorist comparing them with the same fate of the Niger Delta Militant.

Tribalism is an incurable disease I swear let me help you with the differences between the Niger Delta Militant and the Islamist terrorist.
NIGER DELTA MILITANT :This are frustrated and angry youth that feel cheated because FG drill their land and never recognize them as the indigenous people of the land. Pipelnes were damaged and as a result of this the oil spillage will kill many fishes and destroy their land with this situation they can't fish and farm anymore and the FG never bothered to take note of this

ISLAMIST TERRORIST (BH): these are heartless, easily brainwashed group of people fighting for no reason claiming Western Education is a sin yet this heartless scholars children are graduates and even based in abroad what a wicked beast living in human nature? these are people that devalue their own lifes just because one heartless scholars preaches to them that seven virgins awaits them in paradise only if they die for Allah

SIr if I were you I will honorably resign but I know you won't do that because you knew from the unset about this killings I remembered one of your political treats then which I coats "I will make this country unbearable if I don't win this election 2011.

No one can battle with thy Lord. God Almighty sir believe me Kama exit nothing last forever and the only constant thing in life is change.

Under your watch the Military is collapsing yet you feel less concern under your watch other agency are dully paid ontime yet leave the Military to wallow in pain and frustration just imagine how we were been paid as if we have other work doing apart from this Army work, . The IPPIS paid us November salary on 7th December instead of 30th of November as business as usual even though we are aware that the FG normally releases salary funds on 15th of every months. Only God knows the reason why we need to wait till month ending.

The Army Finance paid us January salary on the 5th of February with huge disparity, the Army got only #2,000 added to their salary, while the Navy and Air Force had #20,000 added to theirs. Believe me sir when I said this. You are very much aware of all this corruptions in the system if not by now the Army authority would have been well investigated and board by now

Although I understand why you can't show your Mr Integrity behavior anymore because you used the Military to rigged the general election 2019 that's why Gen. Buratai addressed all the officer that if they know they can't be loyal to this present Government they should write voluntary and leave the service that's why even the CDS can't question the COAS in anything he does because he delivered well for you in the all the elections. According to the Minister of Labor Mrs Chris Ngigie, the Military Salary has been increased since 2018 so if we are going to benefits in the new National Minimum wages, it will just be little adjustment which they did which is that #2,000 that was added to our salary.

February salary was paid 6th of March yet the old rate of added #2,000 we don't know why they can't pay us all the allowances together with our salary like that of our counterparts Navy and Air Force because they don't want us to utilize it properly I guess yet they want us to be loyal.

Hmmmmmmmm wonders shall never end in this Army, these our generals are really magicians when did this increment took place 2018 that we didn't know? Yes I see it was during the time they increased the retirees pension benefits I believe both the serving and retired personnel are supposed to have benefited from this increment, Yes the retirees deserve it a lot because they work so hard to reach here today but this our magician generals highjacked that of we the serving personnels because they taught business as usual where we couldn't talk.

Sir! I can't take this anymore the era of suffering and smiling are gone be grateful to God now that Soldiers are bringing out their feelings by writing. Time will come that we will be tired of this writing but swift into actions. I believe you won't want that where Soldiers will turn rebels under your watch sir you can imagine due to all this cheating and inhuman treatment in the system that frustrated this very sane solider 09NA/63/2239 Cpl Oyeli Nowonm 94 BN at Mallam Fatori in Sector 3 on the 26th of feb 2020. He started shooting sporadically within the camp on the cause of this, he fired 3 of his fellow colleagues 2 of them was killed and killed him self all this under your watch. Sir, are you telling me that, that Mr integrity in you has died?

Sir if peradventure You read my letter and you feel bad just know that I own you no apologies because, you are my president and I'm your citizen I swore an oath and I'm committed to the safety of the Nation

You can not starve your security men and expect them to win a battle. Fighting of corruption must begins with the Military if you are truly sincere with this fighting corruption of a thing, you can't build a house with out the foundation.


Sir, we haven't met before but your record speak well of you because, many of my colleagues speaks of your astonished exploit when you were in the service but why are you been mute at this fragile period that we needed you most to explore your historical definition of true value. Sir, you are to checkmate The Military and give feed back to the President but what I'm seeing here is nothing to write home about. If I may recalled one billion dollars was released from the excess crude oil account and was allocated for the procurement of Military weapons to combat this present insecurities menace but with what I'm seeing now is a ghost deal I'm smelling an embezzling synero here! Under your watch which I believe you are a key role beneficiary to all this if not you would have raised alarm by now.


A four star general yet GOC's in a Division perform more better than you because to me , with what I'm witnessing in the system now is that you are the one taking orders from the chief of Army Staff instead of him taking Order from you what a down sided function of occupancy flowing in the system here? Sir please stand up to your responsibility here if not you are doom.


Sir, a part of me is so sad with you while the other part of me is so happy with you. I see no reason why the Service Chiefs will be taking order from him Abba Kyari.

The one billion dollar excess crude oil account appropriated for the purchase of Military Arms that is been embezzled under your watch as the N. S. A this was what Col. Dasuki did that APC wanted to kill him yet you all are at it again. You people always have this habit of eating and not talking but one thing I'm assuring you is that you all will face the music in due time.


Sir, you are a disgrace to the North East and Nigeria at large, If by now you still can't win this war against insurgency. From we have defeated the Boko-Haram, now is we have finish TERRORISM, remaining INSURGENCY.

Wow! What is terrorism and what is insurgency? My dear Sir you are out of points and explanation what is in this office that you don't want to leave to the extend you always love retiring your junior yet you are still in the office sir why? How can you release terrorist when the war is not yet won yet Soldier are still wallowing in hunger, frustration and pains in the bush. When you finish sacrificing us all who else will you sacrifice? I believe you and your entire generals. A man only dies once you can kill the body but you can't kill the soul.

I read a signal in the early hours on 6th of march 2020 claiming February salary was paid by IPPIS wow! What a transforming synergy I'm witnessing here so, we don't have eyes to read and brain to understand what we read again? Sir, when has IPPIS now developed the character of paying salary with "POS" chaiiii! God is watching you all.


Sir, I know no man is perfect in this life but with the outstanding performance in commands in the system (AFN) starts from the Nigerian Navy and so for this I'm so proud of you I wonder if it's not the same place (N. D. A) you under go this training with your sister force Nigerian Army that they can't emulates the legacy but sir in the matter of security you all are watctout I know that your area of responsibility which is water, is not that fragile but the security of this Nation is everyones concern I believe you are aware of the atrocities in the system and you are involved in one or two ways in all this.

Sir this Country Nigeria, is ours which we swore an oath to protect a brave death is better than a foolish death.


Sir, In welfare package and good conduct as a Commander, I will score you "good" because I was opportuned to witness the deferences between we the Army and Air Force in many cases were we and Air Force personnel conducted duty together where in my mind sometimes I will be praying our food patrol party should not bring food to my duty room instead leave it in the kitchen so that later I can go and collect it because seeing the standard food of my Fellow Air Force colleagues I feel ashamed to bring mine in a presentable manner. Just look at all the barracks you built in all the (AFN) formations is a boom

Sir, are you telling me you don't know where these bandits and terrorist are? Of course you know where they are just that you all don't want to spoil your farms I have witness a situation where we were under attack with a lot of casualty which we called your pilot for assistant to carried the injured soldiers for treatment they replied us that they can't fly at night yes tough it at 7:45 pm but my question here is those Helicopter that flys at night by 9,to 10pm to supplies food, drugs and weapon to this same terrorist we all claimed we are fighting where are they (chopper) from? are they from another country? sir let me be sincere with you on this, you are a disgrace to the North and Nigeria at large if by now you guys are still dribbling the general public on this insecurity issues every man deserve a second chance, because it's good to shit and flush than shit, sat on it and be playing with it when flys starts disturbing you don't complain Sir Karma really exit if truly, you don't know all the innocent lifes you all wasted will soon catch up with you all no matter the society cults you all belong to.

You all should bring heads together and end this menace now that you all still can before it gets out of hands. A word is enough for the wise.

To whom I may have offended inside this letter, please note I didn't wast my time on this to catch fun but to bring the Nation to his right place. And I owe no one apology if at the cause of this I suffer a great consequences be rest assured I'm so mush prepared for it. I rather die a brave death than die a foolish and coward death

God bless the men of the Armed Forces of Nigeria for your commitment and loyalty despite at this vulnerable situations due to corrupt Commanders in various places.

God bless all other security agency in Nigeria

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria 🇳🇬

Please share if you have the peace of this Nation in mind

Yours committed and patriotic Soldier,


Cpl Jones Boris,

Nigeria Army.

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