Reformations- Elisha Udom


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I. Contents
ii. Dedication
iii. Preface
iv. Foreword

Book the first – Political
1. Reformations
2. Democracy or Dem-Go-Crazy?
3. Black as White, is Right
4. Real-Formation to Reform-The-Nation

Book the second –Motivational
5. Cracked Not Broken
6. No To Suicide
7. My believe
8. Keep moving
9. Thoughts in a though life
10. Wake up
11. Take me there
12. Dejected not dead
13. Just believe
14. Never say never
15. The little ant
16. As it speaks
17. Don’t kill yourself
18. Joy at last

Book the third – Biblical
19. In a country I belong
20. The power of prayer
21. His grace
22. Sin kills
23. Mantle for Mantle
24. The “I Am”
25. At Christmas
26. A New Dawn
27. With your Cross, Save us
28. The righteous reward
29. The Goodness of our God
30. The Morning Star
31. The Forgiveness Imperative
32. A Creation beyond Comprehension

Book the fourth –General
33. Abortion
34. Depression
35. Education
36. Rape
37. Our ornamented environment, ours to plough, not to plunder
38. My Treasure
39. What is Love?
40. The ideal family
41. I don’t need a girlfriend
42. Ink flow
43. First day in Ghana
44. My life
45. My Confession
46. An Adventure with Nature
47. A letter to my best friend
48. Love for gold
49. Death, Let’s Talk
50. A Dirge To Daddy, My Final Obongowo


 I dedicate this book to my father Late ARCH. Solomon Udom who contributed a lot to my success as a poet but died during the publication of this book. May his soul rest peacefully, Amen.


Reformations is a collection of fifty poems that reveal the chronicles of man’s tragedy, trials and triumph.
This anthology has been skillfully scripted to not only reveal the beauty and potentials of poetry and nature respectively, but to also act as a source of inspiration to its readers.
In addition to motivation, this anthology preaches morality and individual reformations, addresses issues of social concern like depression, education, abortion, rape, prostitution, politics and religion among others. It preaches a total reformation of individuals, church and state for a greater tomorrow.
This collection preaches Reformations to give us a Real-Formation to Reform-The-Nation. Out of this anthology are poems that would push students and general readers up the ladder of success.


This collection of poems is out forward by the author to add to the literary ecstasy already in existence in our society, mostly enjoyed and appreciated by those who like reading and taking to heart new ideas that others share with them.
This work that is divided into Four sections that has been so arranged by the author, with topical headings that will help the reader get to the areas that are of interest to him/herself easily. The narratives are simple understandable style and language. The themes are conventional and the lyrics interesting.
Elisha is commended for what he has been able to put together to trill his audience. I recommend that anyone that comes across this book should read, because he will certainly gain in one way or the other from the lessons portrayed by the various poetic renditions.



I am indebted to the Almighty God for the gift of life, good health and above all, the gift of this poetic potential.
In a very special way, I appreciate the support and contributions my parents have made towards the success of this collection.
I won’t fail to salute Rev. Emmanuel Umanah whose wisdom led to the discovery of this remarkable talent. I also appreciate Mr. Akaniyene Amos who has contributed immensely to making me a better writer.
My unfathomable gratitude goes to Dr. Mrs. Eboro Umoren and Mr. Idiongo Ebong who, despite of their tight schedule, had the time to proofread this collection, dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s.
I also thank Magistrate Rebecca Akpan and Dr. Ima Usoro whose encouragement and support made this dream a reality.
I appreciate Rev. Fr. Patrick Ekutt, Rev. Fr. John Ekanem, Rev. Fr. Joseph Ntong and the Rev. Emmanuel Ukpong whose fatherly advice and examples have made remarkable contributions to my life, making me fulfilled in the art of poetry.
To my teachers, classmates, friends, relatives and all other persons who in one way or the other have made my dreams see the light of day, I say thank you, and God bless you all.



On a day’s tour round the forest
In an hour of loneliness and rest
Came the irony of my wish, a savage
That made me run beyond the boundaries of my knowledge
To a place totally unknown
A place thought to be the Lion’s throne

Truly I missed into the animal kingdom
And instead of receiving a warm welcome
I received complaints of oppression
And of famine renamed recession
In fact, the whole place was of violence
Even questioning the leaders was an offence

I came across a victim Mr. Goat
He made some reports and I quote
“In our society today
It’s as if agony has come to stay
We lament to our leaders day by day
But to our plea, deaf ears they pay

Here, some cry of spiritual captivity
Others, of political instability
Hunger has become our daily guest
Our tears now quench our thirst
Songs of sorrow heard everywhere
Voices of lamentation here and there”

What are your leaders doing I asked
He said “Our leaders are all relaxed
Just imagine Baba Elephant
Calling all small animals unimportant
Killing all who have him queried
Yet, our economy is dead and buried

I don’t know if we actually have a government
Because even in the finance department
Mother snake swallowed our money
And wasn’t questioned by anybody
Yet past leaders are being executed
I agree they stole, but that’s history, so let’s move forward instead

Recently he called our youths lazy
And it made the whole kingdom crazy
Because this youths work day in day out
Without them we won’t have farm products to sell out
Even in his private plantations
Our youths work, while his travelling around on vacations

It seems our world is even getting to an end
Because our herders kill even children
And anyone who stages a protest
Is locked up in that evil forest
Though speaking can lead to prison
But the truth must always be spoken

He claims he's fighting corruption
But uses it to silence opposition
I’m not criticizing him at all
I’m not advocating his downfall
All I care for is our wellbeing
He's trying, but we deserve more as human beings

The question is what could be done?
Now that all hope is gone
How about seeking for recession?
NO!! That’s the very last option
Because, of course blood will flow
And that path of blood, we can’t follow

I think of a mass campaign for political resolution
As the first step to a peaceful sanitation
Personally, and in fact the entire family of goats
We’re totally against selling of votes
Instead, our gifted youths should be considered
Maybe with them sanity could be recovered

It shouldn’t be a case of political parties
But a case of good individual qualities
Let’s all come together
Let’s build this nation together
More still, individual reformations could do
Reformations of the “me in me”, the “you in you”.


They call it democracy
But after election they go crazy
They get into offices
And forget their promises

We see them only on television
Do you call that true representation??
You call it a democratic state
Yet, one person's salary consumes the whole budget

They present manifestos that don't come to reality
Act above the law and call it immunity
Accets, accounts and properties in other nations
Using our oil to grease the economy of other nations

Call it democracy
I call it Dem-Go-Crazy
Because they go crazy once they're strong
Yet, preach democracy with a sugar coated tongue

Yes!! We became goats
By selling our votes
We sold good representation
For wealth acquisition

So both the governed and the government
Have a role in this movement
This movement for Reformation
To right the wrongs in our nation


Peacefully we leaved in our community
In unity protecting our identity
A community built on human values
A community with lovely principles

But suddenly, a knock knock's the door
And right in they move, men of strength and valor
Though at first with a friendly smile
But finally dumping my ideals in the Nile

They came to refine me
But to refine me they defined me
And forced me to believe the false definition
That I hold an inferior position

They brought the Bible
But beneath it they hid a riffle
With which they shot and killed my Deity
And replaced it with their Deity, Christianity

Now my language has become vernacular in its own native land
My tradition has become an abomination in its own nation
My rich cultural heritage has been named a Savage in it's own village
My deities have become gods and theirs a God
Now traditionally wedded couples are still singles until they wed in the way of the whites, why?

I've sacrificed my entire nation and everything on the altar of civilization
Because Like a vulture at a funeral
They've despised and given my culture a funeral
Built churches that only an European God is taught
Schools that only European history is taught

Now color determines the rightness or wrongness of things
Everything white is ordained and accepted
And everything Black condemned and dejected
Now white, as light is brightness
And Black, as night is darkness

Well, the fault is mine
I accepted and accommodated you
Innocently, wholeheartedly
But that was just hospitality
I never sold my entire identity

But even if I did,
How could I have known there was a knife beneath the life you brought?
A knife you've used to cut my present and future generations away from me
That they now want to be more European than the Europeans

My culture, my agriculture, everything abandoned for white collar jobs
Jobs that has left families foodless just to educate children who graduate only with prospects
That has turned my once peaceful town to one now filled with crime of all sorts
What a job! What a friend! What a Life!

You colonized me physically but aggressively I fought for my freedom
You gave me physical Independence but left my personality in the dungeon
I wear my native dress to office and get dismissed
I speak my native language in school and get punished
You call that Independence?
No!! I call it In-Dependence

Because with yourself acclaimed superiority
You've chained my mentality, my personality
And that's the worst form of imprisonment
Because the prisoners are unaware of their predicament

You've given me a false identity
But I stand to deny it's authenticity
I'll lead the revolutionary move
To grave this great goof

I'll fly the flags of Reformations
I'll sail the ships of Reformations
Leading the black nations across this sea of cultural colonization
At the other side, free from domination
Like the moon that lights the night
The Beauty in Black will shine bright

You've made us believe that only white is right
But we blacks would end this dark night
Yes!! Once we see the morning light
You'll see bright blacks brighten dark blacks
You'll see bright blacks set things right
You'll see that Black as White, is Right


My Nigeria,
I heard you have a fertile soil, smooth like oil on a tiled floor,
I heard you’ve been blessed and well placed
But, what is happening?

Your entire currency has lost value like your 5 naira note
And like a goat you gloat around calling yourself the giant of Africa
Yet your citizens are dying of starvation, crying of oppression
Now Fridays are strictly for burial occasions
Sundays for appeals and donations
Because Pastors have to eat
So they talk both rich and poor into giving offerings not minding the sufferings of the poor.
Infact, everything in the nation is going towards the wrong direction, why?

But the question is what should be done now that all hope is gone?
Some ask for secession
Some restructuring
Some are now singing "change"
Change is good though'
But how realistic is it?
How possible is it to change the system, the individuals and the entire nation?
What are you changing to?
Where will the change start?
When will you change?

My Nigeria
When will you change from wealth acquisition to good representation?
When will you stop playing the drums of politics with sticks where each player plays to his own satisfaction not considering the suffering population.

My Nigeria
When will you stop the confusion that God judges with the name of churches?
That salvation is based on denomination
Please I beg to differ
God sees what our hearts offer
So Brother, set your path right
And be not a child of the moon light
Salvation is personal
So establish a personal relationship
With the God you claim to worship

My Nigeria
When will your youth, the leaders of tomorrow realize that success doesn't just fall from the skies
Like dust in a hurricane it takes pains to make it rise

So when will they stop drinking, smoking, slaying
And fornicating, I would have forgotten that,
But that's the fact
You're doing it every day like it's just nothing
Improving your skills, changing your styles
Hitting and speeding faster and harder like the bits of your heart beat when your heart beat's in fear or frustration.

If only you can Photoshop your future like you do in pictures
You know removing the dirt’s in the future like you remove dots from pictures
Then I won't bother you,
But if you can't, then I can't sit back and watch your setback without making a countercurrent attempt to counter your current sinking situation.

Oga Strong Man
Your orientation says "For the eye that See's today might not see tomorrow"
But you've been blinded by their deceit that you're strong
Yet you can't sleep with closed eyes
You can't sit out to drink ice
So what's the point?
You think everything ends at gun point?
And even at that instead of making financial gains
You're going through pains paying dues, depending on us Jews to show you love
You claim you can't be pierced by a bullet
But you can't even afford a bullet
Because you're walking around with an empty wallet in an empty pocket,
Picking people's pockets.
I know situations changes people to devils
But weather poverty or property,
It’s not worth it,
Because he who goes by the sword, dies by the sword
But you still got a chance to change for good.

Now corruption is the only solution to every situation in the nation
You need corruption for admission, for promotion, election, appointment, employment and everything
It's the guiding principle in every city
The only connection faster and more reliable than electricity.

But corruption is not only a first class order
Even the children in Nursery school are singing "I remember when I was a soldier"
When on Earth were you a soldier??
That's corruption
You blame the leaders of corruption but you got his money duringelections,
Did you not know he was investing and will surely get back his capital when he's in office?
Do you know that was corruption?
When will you change??

My Nigeria
When will your women leave we men alone
You preach feminism yet you're super dependent on men
He pays your bills
Buy's you hills
Feeds you, your family and community
He comes for marriage
And pays a bride price
Like he's paying a price to marry the entire community
Yet you seek to acquire equality in totality

Listen woman,
If you get yourself established
No one will get you rubbished
But instead of making it to the top
You’re making your face up
Instead of making success to get recognized
You're Painting your face to get patronized
Will you choose to be used and abused because all you got to offer is sex?
Or will you sit up to fight this common demon?

Being beautiful is cool
But no beauty shines brighter than that of successful women
So if you could Excel
No one will call you a weaker cell
Make it to the top
Treat yourself right
And no one will deem your light

But my fellow men
Don't get my ink twisted
I'm no feminist but I respect women
What you can't do to a man, do not do it to a woman
A woman is a fellow human created by the same creator of all creations
So before the creator both man and woman stand as equals to face equal judgment for equal punishment or acknowledgement.

These women are unique
In character and physique
Even the name woman contains man and ‘W O’ which is for Wonderful and Outstanding.
This means that's they'll always be outstanding no matter how men try standing out.
Those good in the game of Chess would agree that the Queen is the most powerful
So these women are wonderful, admirable, amicable, loveable, and adorable.
They're priceless, like priceless jewels
They're angels on Earth and should be treated as such.

Call it Reformation
Or Real-Formation
Or Reform-The-Nation
That's what we need, like the formation of a football team
If we're playing all attack
Then they'll be no body to counter counterattacks
There'll be nobody to defend the deficiency in our defense
And if we’re playing all defense
Then they'll be nobody to break the opponent’s defense
So if our formation is strong
Then we could sail through this storm
We could transform this nation
We could reform this nation

Yes we've failed as a nation
But it's not too late to be called great
If we could retreat, regroup and reform ourselves
Not being led by ethnicity but unity in diversity
If we could accept the reality that miracles don't just happen
If we could practice true federalism
With zero tolerance of favoritism
If we could realize that when we kill, we've not only killed a Christian but a Nigerian
If we could stand to our feet to defeat our defeat
And stand together to ring the bells of Reformations
To tell the tales of Real-Formation
Then we'll no longer wait in tears for years to see the expected good days
It'll come in our own days
This very day
Nigeria will no longer be a mortuary to celebrate blackness
But a sanctuary to celebrate greatness.

Like trees, when moved by breeze to kiss the leaves of other trees not minding its origin,
If we could leave together in peace and harmony
Then we'll produce a Melody that would sail through nations and generations of a nation whose of Reformation gave them a Real-Formation to Reform-The-Nation and actualize the vision of being a great nation
Nigeria can be great again
Nigeria will be great again
And again, we'll regain that name....GREAT NIGERIA



A Million times I've been hurt
I've withstood a million shut
With the bullets piercing into my bone marrows
Tearing apart my tomorrow
Blood rushing through my eyes
My dreams cold as ice
My vision covered by the shackles
Of my murdered principles

I cried my eyes out
My hopes faced a blackout
My thoughts frozen
My desperation loosen
Failure became constant
Success became distant
Even my own conscience
Gave me no good audience

Even My very Brothers
Called me a Blood-Ass
That all I got, Is blood not life
Blood too small, in it, not even an ant could survive
Pierced deep into my heart
And tore me apart
With betrayal, a Poison fed sword
More still, left me without a word

The last straw
Was when Family had to withdraw
Yes!! They gave up on me
Saying I'm too blind to see
That success isn't just my thing
Maybe I should consider failure, or some other thing
They never understood that, though I'm crawling
But at least, I'm moving

Depression came around
Threw my back to the ground
Locked me up in its dark prison
Kissed and seduced my innermost person
Till I released orgasms of frustration
With Frustration, dejection and depression
There was No one to look up to

Yes I may run, walk, or crawl
But my goals... I'll achieve them all
And I know this like I know my name
That someday, I'll rise again
And like the risen Christ
I'll make my "grave days" a past
I've only been convicted not imprisoned
Cracked not broken

Life is not a bed of roses they say
So it's not going to be smooth all the way
The road to Tomorrow
Is rough and narrow
So if you've failed, you've not fallen
You've only been cracked not broken
And the light at sunset
Will pay for the sleepless nights we now invest

So buckle your shoes up
Prepare to reach that top
For Today's pains
Will be tomorrow's gains
It's just a crack
So there's chance for a comeback
You've only been iced not frozen
Cracked not Broken


Standing between two roads
Carrying two heavy loads
Left alone to face unrealistic dreams
In a dilemma between two extremes

Everything was just rough
Life itself became tough
Every one advised me to quit
Thinking I wouldn’t make it

To some, its self killing, call it handing
To me, its surrendering, call it quitting
But why quitting, why committing suicide
When you have God by your side
A God who says NO TO SUICIDE

I’ve been choked by sharp thorns
I withstood violent storms
But till tomorrow and years ahead
I’ll never pull the trigger on my head
I’ll always say NO TO SUICIDE


My physique may be small
Yes!! I’m not even tall
But I set my goals up high
Like the stars up in the sky

You may be big as an elephant
I may be small as an ant
May not really boast of success today
But I will make the noise someday

But when things go wrong
I just keep my faith strong
Because on my future I bet
That I’ll be nothing but great

Forget today’s situation
They’re the roots of my inspiration
That’s why I see my misfortunes
As a source of more inspiring tunes

That’s why I hate you with passion
When you make QUITTING an option
Yes!! The BELIEVE that I’ll make it
Makes it impossible to quit


When the going gets tough
The tough get going
Yes!! Life is rough
But we ought to keep moving

To some, life is wonderful
They keep moving
So if yours is terrible
Just keep moving

Some eat their cake
And have it back
You have none, yet for them you bake
Keep moving; don’t let that draw you back

They arrived before you
Trust me, it’s not wrong
Because you’ll get there too
Just wait for your turn

Be strong now
Things will get better
It might be stormy now
But can’t rain forever


The story I wish to tell
Is a true experience likened to that of hell
I'm just writing what I think and say
When the tough part of life comes my way

Having been a victim of oppression
Leading to serious depression
In fact, I almost concluded my fate
The fate of never being great

From the depths of my heart
I thought, luck had from me depart
Because I always made the mistake
Always, my life seemed to be at stake

It seemed I was totally a failure
Always being told to endure
The one who fails always
Making me see others as flawless

Well, it's true that I sometimes fail
Having no one to my name, hail
But it doesn't mean I won't succeed
Facing trials, doesn't mean I won't exceed

In all this tribulations, there's hope
And I'll never fail to cope
Knowing that, though I'm not holy
My God will at His time, grant glory


Wake up
Yes!! If you want to go to bed with satisfaction
You have to wake up with determination
And put your skills to action
So take action now
Wake up

Wake up
Yes!!Things won't be happening
When you're there sleeping
So wake up, start working
So take action now
Wake up

Wake up
Yes!! Wake up to your responsibilities
Stand up to your duties
And you'll be a god of possibilities
So take action now
Wake up

Wake up
Yes!! You have a talent
But your talent won't pay your rent
If you're there sleeping in your apartment
So take action now
Wake up

Wake up
Yes!! Put your fears in detention
Decline the "I can't do it" tradition
And see success in action
So take action now
Wake up


Take me Father
From this land where we drink tribulations
Like coffee in a tea of Lamentations
To that land where I'll drink milk and honey
To refresh me, my skin, like that of a baby
Take me there

Take me Father
From here where hunger has become our daily guest
Our tears now quench our thirst
To that land that greens are ever growing
Stars ever shining, everything glowing
Take me there

Take me Father
From this land of death and sorrow
Where I'm not even sure of seeing tomorrow
To where I'll leave in Joy forever
Bonded by no law and order
Take me there

Take me Father
From this land of wickedness, of sickness
Of crimes that flow like oceans, endless
Take me to that land I'll ride on dragons
And take evening walks with lions
Take me there

Take me Father
From this land of abject poverty
Of political and spiritual instability
To That land of fruitfulness
That land of full success
Take me there

Take me Father
To that land filled with your Glory
Where I'll recount my Earthly Story
Whatever It takes, please
Wherever it is
Take me there


Those dejected hear my story
Because though rejected, you can move to glory
Yes, it’s not a day’s job
But know, you’ll one day be on top

If you’re aiming at success
You’ll see thorns in the process
People will laugh, they’ll despise
In fact, the experience won’t just me nice

They’ll call you witch, a traitor
That you’re sharper than razor
A deadly sword, a naked wire
Flammable like whirl fire

I had been condemned
I had been disdained
I faced severe rejection
Which led to serious depression

Vengeance may come later
Though that is not really the matter
But the tears that flowed those nights
Will fight for itself at days light

My vengeance is not that of violence
But excellence which breeds affluence
With that “they” go in shame
And their conscience gives them the blame

Making your dreams become realities
Comes with a lot of difficulties
Be aware of the thorns available
But with God, all things are possible

You've only been dejected not dead
You've only failed not dead
 So get up and keep moving
Don't stop, just keep moving

Withstand the thorns
Don’t just quit at storms
With that, God makes you grow
And your enemies left below

I didn’t leave my talents to rust
I followed my dreams at all cost
I never for once gave up
And now I’m gloriously moving up.


About today
Got less to say
Just coping, living,
Enduring the suffering
The grieve, the peace
The offerings, everything
That life gives

About tomorrow
Can’t tell if sorrow
Pain or gain comes
But, just avoiding thorns
Wishing, hoping, praying
That whatever comes,
Comes from Him
Who gives good

About the future
Though entrusted to nature
But, there’s this believe
That peace and relieve
Will be the story
of the day. This believe
makes me know, that glory,
Will someday,
Come my way. I just believe


It may start in just a day
And I’ll continue my normal living
I’ll say “Maybe it’s just a play”
Until tears start flowing

Enduring the pains
Alone, I moan all night
Thinking again and again
Would things ever go right?

At times it gets worse that
I attempt considering suicide
And maybe would have chosen that
If God wasn’t by my side

Coping has never been an easy way
But I just had to cope
And deep within me I’ll say
“God, in you I hope”

Like my brothers in the burning furnace
Rather than saying “I Quit”
I’ll say “even if my God doesn’t safe me from this mess”
Then, so be it

But our God doesn’t fail
He is good, doesn’t betray
Even when on our part, we fail
He forgives, and shows us the way

Yes, I considered the word QUIT
But it has never been my choice
So you, weak in soul and spirit
Listen to my voice

“My case is different” you’ll say
But hear me out hopeless child
The God who gives you air without pay
Is saying “listen to me, my child”

Job was in a worst situation
Daniel faced lions in the den
This same God was their salvation
Why not turn to Him then??

I preach this sermon everyday
No matter how hard it is today


You see me as an ant
So you think I can't
Though I work at night
But I do it right

I may seem little
Even smaller than a beetle
But I would never give up
Until I reach the top

Beyond the skies is my limit
Because I have a good spirit
But though I'm not the best
I assume success like the rest

Discover what you have
And do your best to strive
And even if you don't have the strength
Just try, and try to your best length


As the tongue speaks
It calms storms
It creates thorns
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Giants fall
Dwarfs’ grow tall
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
It leads to graves
From death, it saves
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Prison keys, it gives
Offences it forgives
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
It opens the heavens
Hell itself opens
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Some are hailed
Some are jailed
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Babies cry
Mourners cry
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Some grow and grow
Some remain below
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Some excel
Some fail
So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words

As the tongue speaks
Heroes become zeroes
Zeroes become heroes
 So don’t misuse words
In this world created with words


Don’t kill yourself
I know it’s hard but hear me out
Your situation is bad but together we can work things out
If you kill yourself you’ll wake up in hell and regret it
And in that regret you’ll remember I said it
That even when everything turns red
It never gets better when you’re dead
The devil tells you it won’t get better
He says yours is the worst, and when you believe he mucks you with laughter
But have you ever gone to prison yards to see the souls wasted??
Have you visited orphanages to see children suffer??
Like what offense did those innocent kids even commit??
You conclude yours is the worst because you’ve not heard from someone else
But if everyone had the chance to tell you their story
Then you have no reason to send your soul to prison

That devil tells you there’s no way
But here what I have to say
Just work hard, be hopeful and prayerful
And God will double your hustle
Because even in the Bible
There had always been trouble
But every red sea had its own Moses
Every lion had its own Sampson
Every Goliath had its own David
Every famine had its own Joseph
So every problem has its own solution
And no matter the condition
If you put what I’ve said into consideration
Then soon, our bad condition
Would become a historic publication

That devil comes in disguise of an angel
And to your burning spirit he claims to add fuel
Saying you should hope for a better tomorrow
But who knows tomorrow?
And what if tomorrow never comes
What if you find yourself six feet below my feet in the next minute?

So this is the time
To say success is mine
Tell yourself “I can make it”
Yes!! You can make it
And when you’ve made it
Those who advised you to quit will not only ask how you made it
But will come to be advised on how to make it

You’ll no longer say “if others have made it, then I can make it”
You’ll say “if I have made it, then others can make it”
It’s always too soon to quit
Always try, try and try again
The God of persistence will smile on you someday

Please don’t pull the trigger on your head
You’re too good to be among the dead
Don’t kill yourself please,
Just do your best
It doesn’t matter if your best is not the best among the best
It doesn’t matter if your best is not the first among the rest
Just do your best
And leave God to do the rest


Though things are not easy
Your shadow becoming dizzy
Though your pains see no end
And your sufferings bring no gain
There will be joy at last

Though your friends cause you harm
Your enemies approach you armed
Before everyone, you’re condemned
More still, disdained
There will be joy at last

Though when God gives you grace
Man changes it to disgrace
When to man, you have no value
And unseen is your Golden statue
There will be joy at last

When you feel cheated by nature
Consider the future
That when moved by death
To pass out if this earth
There will be joy at last



In a country I belong
Religious activities are held day by day
Yet, death is recorded every day
People have grown hatred
Lives are still being wasted

In a country I belong
Prophetic declarations
Now act as political oppositions
Others fast themselves to death
Under the influence of that word “faith”

In a country I belong
I think we practice religion
Like it’s just a custom or tradition
Instead of a personal relationship
With the God we claim to worship

In a country I belong
Some believe that God judges
With the name of churches
But I beg to differ
He sees what our hearts offer

In a country I belong
Pastors preach prosperity
To the detriment of spirituality
Yes!! Christians should be rich
But not only on riches should you preach

In a country I belong
While battling with spiritual captivity
I’m also struggling with political instability
Even at that, all hope is not gone
God’s will, will still be done

Since it’s a country I belong
I won’t surrender to that devil
I’m armed with both the Qur’an and Bible
Believing that, though I’m not holy
My God will at His time, grant glory.


Here's the truth that makes life better
The only key to success is prayer
Both at home and abroad
We all pray to one lord

When difficulties arise
And dusts of destruction rise
Go on your knees for shelter
And drink from the oceans of prayer

My future may be unknown
But my faith is Gods throne
And this must come to be
For prayer is the key

In flowering times pray
And never in hard times say
What can my prayer do?
God can work through yours too!


In the midst of unrighteousness
In the midst of unworthiness
When my best is not good enough
When everything gets rough
His grace keeps me going

When I mean grace
I mean God’s extra stress
The stress that pushes me up the ladder
Even when my sins have broken the ladder
His grace keeps me going

With trials before my face
And no strength to pray or praise
I look up to the heavens
And when it opens
His grace keeps me going

When my plea becomes to people an insult
And success becomes very difficult
It becomes almost impossible to grow
As if I was meant to remain low
His grace keeps me going

When all hope is gone
Everyone saying "it can’t be done"
When humans advised me to quit
Thinking I don’t merit
His grace keeps me going

God’s grace is extra ordinary
And I’m happy to be a beneficiary
Because this life, this race
can only be won with God, and that’s the ‘G’ in ‘G’race
Indeed! His grace keeps me going


Sin is anything done for pleasure
That denies us our heavenly treasure
It cages us in a satanic cave
And leads us to our untimely grave

Sin makes us face difficulties
It makes us miss opportunities
Sin gives us a fake and temporal gain
But later brings a permanent pain

The devil may give pleasure
But later brings an unbearable pressure
For everything gotten from the devil
Must always be paid back double

Indeed! Sin kills
And our destiny, it steals
All we need do is to return to God
And he will forgive and grant us accord

Run to Jesus now it’s not too late
Return to him now you’re not called late
For there’s no salvation under the earth
No repentance after death.


To fight any spiritual battle
We need a spiritual mantle
A spiritual mantle like the bible
A mantle that is powerful and indestructible

Our hearts could also be a mantle
And indeed! A powerful mantle for battle
We only need a heart that is sin free
Then victory is always ours to see

When battling with the devil
We must not fight evil with evil
Our weapon choice should be God’s voice
That divine voice which makes us victorious

God is able to subdue evil by force
He is always ready to fight for us
But remember! Prayer is also a mantle
A mantle to settle or battle with the devil’s evil.


Who am I?
Without the Most High
I call him the I am that I am
Because he made me who I am

This I am is my God
At all times He gives me accord
I see His hands in all I do
He is always there for me and you

He is powerful but merciful
His handiworks all wonderful
This wonders He created without stress
Just a word and everything appears

In trials He keeps me strong
And stands by me when things go wrong
He will say “Elisha my son there’s nothing to worry”
And for good he changes my story

He is the creator of all creations
The God of all nations
The father of the universe
Who speaks and never does the reverse

Not just that
It’s a well known fact
That this God speaks and no one alters
His name scatters alters

His presence performs wonders
Even the devil obeys his orders
You deserve a Twale Baba
In fact Baba, you’ll reign forever 


It's not just about today
It's about our everyday

It's not just about the Christmas lights
Or the wearing of red and white

It's not just about the rice and stew
And our outer garments all new

It's not just about the bells we ring
Or the carols we sing

It's about knowing He who came
And the reason for which He came

Its about Rebirth in our hearts
Whitening the dark parts

Amending our ways
So that by His grace

When He comes back in glory
We all have a heavenly glory


There comes a new dawn
Agony and sorrow are all gone
Indeed! Joy comes in the morning
Marking the end of all mourning

A new dawn brings joy
It breeds the power to create and destroy
The power to build and break
Are all re-enforced at daybreak

In the depths of the night
“Man” is arrested by fright
But immediately the cock crows
Mans courage and strength grows

A new dawn with the messiah
Gives us the strength to acquire
All we need for the day
In just a simple but divine way


As Pilate, I’m sorry for the condemnation
I had no other option
The people made their choice
I had to obey the people’s voice

I don’t justify myself for crucifying you
But please I beg you
Count not my sins against me
With your blood, save me

Despite the weight of the cross
You never gave up on us
Don’t leave us now please
Not now that you have all the keys

Yes, we chose a thief over you
Yes, we betrayed you
We kill you everyday
By what we do and say

But please, forgive us
The sins you carried on the cross
Plus the ones we’re yet to commit
Please, throw us not into the pit

I know you’ll get over this
And you’ll get the keys
To heaven, hell, life and death
With that you’ll rule over the earth


A man who is righteous
Is always joyous
Even when things go the wrong way
A righteous man goes the right way.

When I talk of righteousness
I mean being Gods true witness
Knowing God’s word and doing it
And not even trails should let you quit

A righteous man keeps his faith strong
Even when things go wrong
He believes in the Holy Scriptures
And doing good remains his pleasure

All who follow Gods line
Will one day with him dine
For his a god of righteousness
A God who rewards uprightness


Indeed! I love to tell the story
Of Christ who died for us though holy
He who came just to set us free
Who died for us on Calvary's tree

The beauty of God is admirable
With Him nothing is impossible
He who made the dump to talk
And the cripple, He made to work

Glory be to God in the highest
The only king who is always honest
He who sent down his only son
Whom men used then, to make fun

We must always praise His name
For He has never left us to shame
Indeed! Our God is wonderful
And to Him, we must always be thankful


Some call it the morning star
Others call it the super star
We wake up to see it shinning
Indeed, it shines every morning

Nothing is compared with its light
For its very wonderful and bright
No one has ever approached it
Either for its distance or burning heat

Some say its Gods face
Others say it's His dwelling place
But I call it a heavenly body
A flame of Gods glory

The sun functions during the day
Then at night, it gives moon the way
God handed over the night to the moon
To rule with its light and boom

With the day's sun, our plant grows
But in the evening its light glow's
It is indeed, a wonder of nature
A light to the earth, and man's treasure


Forgiveness is a virtue
That uplifts our human value
In the face of our enemies
Those who with us keep malice

Whenever we've forgiven
To God our souls we've given
Indeed! It calm's the troubled sea
And make's the spiritually

Being locked in heart's cell
Limits our chances to excel
But only with simple apologies
We impress God and enjoy peace

Like a tree with many branches
Forgiveness provides many chances
Both to the forgiven offender
And to the offended forgiver

When the tempest is high
We should lunge mercy to the sky
And even when we are angry
We need to forgive as members of a Christian family


What a wonderful creation
A creation beyond comprehension
Yes! All things on earth are wonderful
For they were all created by God the powerful

The moon, stars and other heavenly bodies
Are all His wonders called luminaries
From nothing he formed the firmaments
And everything in our environments

There is a lovely creature with an advantage
This creature He created in his own image
Called “man” God's delight
The most loved and endowed with power and might

Truly! He leaves nothing undone
Because all I asked of Him, He has done
Truly! He is a God beyond imagination
A God of creations beyond comprehension



Abortion is murder
Everyone says
The reason for the murder
No one cares

Abortion as an easy way out
Is quite sinful and bad
But if it’s the only way out
I’ll just say it’s sad

In our present society
Where children gotten out of wedlock
Carry the stigma of illegitimacy
Called “bastards” like they even had a hand in their birth

Even as a pregnant mother
Carrying the baby
Of an unknown or runaway father
Is like walking yourself into hell

Though some girls see abortion
As the easy way out
But those who can’t survive stigmatization
See it as the only way out

Because both parents, church and society
Become judges of a sin they themselves can’t avoid
Ensuring misery and cruelty
On both mother and child

The pretence of some people
Is the part that pains me most
Just because she made a mistake that the very same people
Are just too good in the act to make

You condemn her
You call her names
Just because she accepted to be a mother
Because she said NO TO ABORTION

Seeing the evil on such mothers
Is enough
To convince others
To consider abortion

Now tell me, if armed rubbers
Raped your wife, sister or mother
And got her pregnant with a child for rubbers
Would you still advice her against abortion?

In a low tune you’ll say
“Na condition de make crayfish bend
So there’s no other way
Than to flush and forget this shit”

You’ll say we’re all sinners
And that abortion is just one among ten
With equal punishment as the others
Hoping as usual to repent and be forgiven after the act

So if actually the truth about it
Is that fornication and abortion
Is as sinful as other sins we all commit
Then don’t crucify her for that single sin

Advice her as a person
But be less judgmental
And if she chooses abortion for any reason
Maybe you just talk to God about it

But you young lady
Draw your ears open
If you’re too young to mother a baby
Prevention is the best option, not abortion

On the whole
Abortion is bad
So lock that hole


She breaks down my heavy door
Trash me down to the floor
To my soul, she impacts suppression
She calls herself depression

She said to me, “Welcome to my world
Where I’m the Lord Harold”
Daily, she feeds me with tears
From my eyes, she extracts tears

Taking me into her inner room
My heart is filled with darkness and doom
She gets my mind violated
And my soul, isolated

She takes my lips in dark seduction
Forces me to lick her juice of destruction
My self esteem reduced very low
And it seems like I have nowhere to go

She seized my indebt motivation
Makes me loose the life of socialization
Jailed me in her dungeon, her dark hole
There, I lacked self control

“Get over her” my hear would say
My response “I wish I could find a way”
But with the heat of the desert
She dries me up, all now left for me, a desert

Living with her day by day
Bad memories always in replay
I prayed, pleaded with knight salvation
“Please save me from lady depression”

All pills to kill her fail
All bills can’t grant me bail
My mind, like an open field of nature
Exposed to environmental torture

Though the light of hope fades
Never give yourself to Ă 
You’re the best pill for you
Only you can save you

Millions have surrendered to depression
So together let's fight this common demon
Maybe bullets of friendly consolations could do
More still, the best bullet is you


Because he is good at mathematics
You call him the god of academics
I’m good at comedy
But you call me a dummy

You look down on my poetry
Because I can’t solve chemistry
But wait, you still look down on words
Even in a world created with words?

Shakespeare had no education
But his works sail through every generation
So because I’m not in school
Doesn’t mean my best cant manifest in full

I’m not saying NO to education
It’s just my humble suggestion
That science, art and commercials
Should all be called special

Don’t look down on my profession
Don’t call me a second option
Call me not a dummy or fool
Because in its own way, every field is cool

You may be best in medicals
I may be best in legals
Another may sail in the acting world
So together, let’s build this world

Nothing is to the other, superior
So together lets correct this error
Because things won’t get better
Until water and fire can survive together


She dressed decently
Moved innocently
Covered all that needed to be covered
But you longed to see beyond the covered

Soon, what you feel is lust
But you claim its real love
In her absence, with her you masturbate
In her innocence, you hoped to get her wet
Driven by lust
You're determined to get her at all cost

You approached her
With a tongue coated with sugar
Confessed your "Love”
But, too bad
You got a big, fat NO
Sad and annoyed you got back home

But deep into the night
You light your hope with the fire of hatred
Now it's no more lust
But revenge, to be taken at all cost
You claim you're a "god"
No girl turns you down
No one messes with you, a "god"
But brother, no one messes with God

In the company of the wicked
You update your hatred
You set her up
Have her drugged
Molested and raped
Now you're happy
You organize a party
Call yourself a "god"
Well, congrats
You've sold your future for a day's meal

Now she's broken
Devastated, shattered and scattered
Her virginity broken
Her sanity taken
She has lost her virginity, her pride, her everything
But brother, in actuality,
You’ve lost your destiny, your sanity,
Yes!! You've lost everything

Because you made her cry all night
And above all, curse God
She'll felt disappointed in her God
"God where were you when I was raped??"
In fact her conclusion is that there's no living God
Even if there is, He must be missing
Or maybe sleeping

With that conclusion
She accepts prostitution
She believes there's no God, no Divinity
So she now accepts immorality
And when I tried stopping her
She said ‘God was sleeping when I was raped,
Let Him continue His sleep while I make my money’

It sucks right??
You now call her a woe
A cheep slot
You've forgotten you led her into this
But bro, God is not sleeping
He's omnipotent
Omniscient and omnipresent
He knows the end from the beginning
He is not missing
He is watching
Judging, and though forgiving
But punishing

But on the whole
Girls, Lock that hole
No matter the condition
Always say NO to prostitution
God may not consider the reasons you did it
He may just judge you for doing it

And boys listen
Lock that machine
You can plead or pay
Or marry and have your way
But don’t take what's not yours
Don't taste her nectar by Force
I know No one messes with you
You call yourself a “god"
But brother, no one messes with God.


Call it Naturality
Or more still, Originality
That's the most beautiful beauty
The most Pure Purity
The Best for humanity

Now let's talk
Or maybe let's take a walk

Look at the fruit trees
The cold breeze

The lovely flowers
The mighty waters

The waterfalls
The animals

The rains and sunshine in their seasons
The Rocks Lucked in mighty prisons

Other Creatures
Those real and those in pictures

Those Mild and dearly
Those wild and deadly

The greens here and there
The Beauty Everywhere

This environment of ornaments
Whose beauty cuts across the firmaments

This Earth, This Wonder
Is ours to plough not plunder

This Earth, this beauty
Gives all, beauty, love and all to all humanity
But only men who love its naturality
Could enjoy its immortality
And everything in totality


Mothers are the greatest gift of nature
From birth they care and nurture
They pet and protect from torture
But hold firm to brighten our future

They carry with a golden palm
And protect from every harm
They teach us to be humble and calm
And each day, they praise God with a psalm

With us they sing and play
For our sake they fast and pray
They stay with us all day
To lead and show us the way

When with us they seem so meek
But even when they are weak
They show us love at its peak
And with words of peace they speak

I love you so much dearest Mom
For from birth you’ve been my dearest one
I’m ever happy to be your son
For your love for me shines brightly like the sun


Must I pay your bills?
And buy you expensive hills
Before it’s called love??

Must I text everyday
And visit each passing day
Before it’s called love?

Must I kneel with one knee?
And officially ask for your heart’s key
Before it’s called love?

Must virginity be wasted?
Just for that nectar to be tasted
Before it’s called love?

Must there be a proposal
So you know we’re more than just casuals
Before it’s called love??

But why not disclose those emotions
Or must I be the first to declare my intentions
Before it’s called love?

You know I love you right??
So must I text you every night
Before it’s called love??

I’m saying this because
I… I didn’t study love as a course
So I may not be the best to love

I’m not a love prefect
So I may not be perfect
In that game of love

Well, if all those may be considered
I’m sure I may not be qualified
But trust me; what I have is real love


This one is for mommy and daddy
My one and only family
You deserve more than this
But for now accept this piece

Your love for each other is motivating
That example is worth emulating
You’ve shown am example of good parenthood
With love of good family-hood

You’ve shown me love at its peak
Of your care I dare not fail to speak
You’ve not paid me in millions
But that little, is worth more than millions

As a son I’ve not been the best
But as parents you’ve been the best
Yes!! I can proudly say it
Because you really deserve it

Thanks dad and mom
I’m happy being your son
More Grease to your elbows I say
And God’s blessings on you I pray


I don't need a girlfriend
Yes!! I need no girlfriend
I need no intimate union
Just an innocent companion

I don't need a girlfriend
Yes!! I need no girlfriend
It sounds funny or even crazy right??
But let me bring my points to limelight

You call it relationships
I call it voyage on deadly ships
You invest your one and all
Yet, you still stumble and fall

You see why I need no girlfriend??
I need a friend whose good has no end
One who's presence breeds pleasure
Not hardship, poverty or torture

I need a Mary Magdalene
On whose back I could always lean
And feel comfortable
Even in times of trouble

One in whose eyes
I see paradise
One who's kiss runs through my blood streams
Giving life to me life Dreams

I need a friend who's character is Worthy of emulation
One who would be a Priceless Possession
One whom I would be bold to call Precious
One who like gold, is indeed precious

One who would with me invest
And with me, wait to harvest
Not that parasite
Who in sucking me, takes delight

One who would look me in the face
Charm me with her beauty's flares
And as sincere as the morning dew
Tell me "Elisha, I Love You"

I need a girl
Who is an angel
Both in character and beauty
And in fact, everything in totality

So look and you'll see
That together, we should cross this "Relationship" sea
On crossing, we'll be congratulated
Like couples, we'll be celebrated

I need no relationship
I need real friendship
I don't need a girlfriend
I need a friend who is more than just a friend


On the table
In the fields
In the car
Public rest room

Even the class desk is not bad
Though I prefer using my room
And the bed, at least the serenity of the later gives me the inspiration,
The strength to keep hitting harder

It lays still in humble adoration
Expecting the ministration
The ministration that comes with authority
That has given birth to the majority

At the birth of the urge
It lays still on whatever it finds itself
Expecting that solemn touch
The touch that has changed lives
The touch that had modified millions
The touch that initiates the romance
That calls for repentance

The touch that runs from east to west
Spending more time than necessary on strategic positions
Maybe check points
Checking and Cross-Checking everything
To soften hard surfaces
To smoothen every rough route
To accomplish a smooth drive

The touch that runs from South to north
Stopping at a sensitive positions
To refuel, and recheck the map
So it doesn't fall off track

From the romance there's an injection
And that’s the proper ministration
As the romance grows higher
The hitter hits harder
The hit screams louder
Till whatever flows, flows at its fullest

Yes, it's flow change's situations
Its flow, flow's inspiration
It grows motivation
Yes, as the ink flows
My romance with it grows

As the ink flows to its fullest
The best begins to manifest


There’s this girl from Ghana
Whose beauty shines like banana
She’s said to be admired by all eyes
Her “nectar” is said to taste like paradise

Though I was just being natural
But I wrote a short poem, though emotional
And since she’s a poetry addict
She fell in love with it

She said the lines are thick
She even called it romantic
Before I knew anything, she asked to meet me
Sooner she made the request a plea

‘Twas a golden opportunity
To behold this black beauty
I agreed, and we met
Trust me, the meeting was great

We parted with an emotional kiss
Something I won’t forget with ease
Wow!! Her “nectar” I finally tasted
And that’s how the dream ended


I love my life,
Yes I do
Because, my life is precious
Precious is my life


This is not just a composition
But a true confession
Of what I feel within me
The feeling of having your heart's key

The moments we spend together
Gives me the true definition of a lover
And what I see in your eyes
Is nothing but a paradise

You're a friend
Whose friendship brings no pain
I don't regret knowing you
That's why the feeling I have for you is true

I hope this bond grows strong
And withstands every storm
Nothing will disrupt our peace
Every storm is calmed with a kiss


When the day gets going
We all take our duties seriously
Without most people knowing
That the night comes gradually

Then the day takes its leave
Handing over to the night
The time we go for rest and relieve
With hope of seeing the new day's light

In sleep our minds turn blank
Knowing nothing that happens
Till we wake safely to thank
Our protector, the one above the heavens

Yes, it's an adventure with nature
To sleep deeply with closed eyes
Dreaming of the next day's future
And in the morning, we safely rise


Hello dearest friend
My closest, my best friend
My Bestie, my one and only
One whose absence makes me lonely

We’re friends; with you I see no pain
With you I experience more gain
Your presence breeds success
Indeed!! It promotes progress

You’ve been specially created
Such that nothing about you is wasted
Your silence gives me pleasure
Your words give hope for the future

The beauty in your eyes
Is something I can’t fail to recognize
I love you my dearest friend
I promise to stand by you till the end

Bestie, am getting you reassured
That, those promises, this friendship is insured
I love you Bestie…Smiles
Together we’ll record successes in piles

Our friendship is divine, that I know
As such I’ll never let you go
We’ll realize our dreams together
And together we’ll remain forever


In the world I’m not the best
I may be your last choice among the rest
Your friends may have better boys
Making me a hard choice

Their gifts may glitter
Such, I have non to offer
But I believe in what I feel
And trust me, that feeling is real

Yes!! I've offered small tidings
But "despise not the days if my little" beginnings
For in good time
On a Plata of gold we'll dine

When I gaze at that beautiful face
The creator I fail not to praise
You’re indeed a beautiful woman
The dream of every man

Of your beauty, I can’t fail to write
For your love, I need not fight
Because ours is certain
The heavens, had its consent given

You’re Precious, You’re gold
Tales of your beauty need not be retold
You know I love you right?
Yes!! And I’ll love you till the sun shines at night


Death, you've rendered me fatherless
More still, powerless
You've taken everything
Introducing me to suffering
But did you think I'll commit suicide?
No I won't, I have a powerful God by my side

Yes you've worsened my life Story
But what's your gain, where's thy Glory?
I could understand if you steal
But what's your gain when you kill?
Now you've made my mind far from peace
Tell me, what’s your gain in all these?

Talk to me, please tell me
Why, why have you done this to me?
Now, I'm the father to my father
The husband to my mother
All These, Courtesy of this man "Death"
Adding pains to my life here on Earth

Death, I care not about your power
If you like, be hot like fire
But in that six feet pit, you'll also lie
Yes!! Someday, Death itself will die
But Good men like Sudom will rise again
To leave in a world free from death, sorrow and pain

Though it's hard to cope
But at least there's hope
Yes!! Though with tears in my eyes
But with the hope of paradise
I say, Daddy rest peacefully in your heavenly Mansion
For we'll meet again during the resurrection


Twas on a blessed Friday
When the heavenly gates had to give way
For the passage of Sudom, a Christian father
Loving husband and caring Brother

Yes I'm a poet who plays with words and rhymes
But I lack the right rhymes to rhyme these lines
Because, no word could explain Daddy's call to eternity
No word could explain the death of a true Christian whose life was that of service to humanity

Sudom was a good man and his goodness was not in vain
Yes! It reflected in his life, he was blessed among men
Because though he was small in size, but was great
He was short, but his shots were on target

Daddy! Daddy!! Daddy!!!
I know you can hear me
So let's talk one on one
Please Daddy, talk to your son

Sudom: - "Elisha, tell everyone to stop crying
For I am alive, just sleeping
Yes! I'm resting in paradise
So tell your mother to clean her eyes

Elisha, I believe in you
And I know that God is with you
So fear not, for one with God is majority
He will care for you, my properties, legacy and family"

Me:- Yes Daddy, I know you're in your heavenly Mansion
Enjoying the fruits of your Earthly surgeon
So I'm not crying without hope
It's just that living without you is hard to cope

Daddy, I'll make you proud
I repeat, I'll make you proud
Thanks for believing in me
I will be Successful, just watch and see

I miss your Love and everything about you
Your goodness makes it hard to say "Adieu"
But because you served God, the creator of all creations
Your name will live through generations

I miss you, but I let you go
For it's a journey you must under go
Yes!! Death is a path we all will tread on
So Daddy, Sudom please, in peace, rest on


Elisha Solomon Udom is a native of Essien Udim L. G. A of Akwa Ibom State, born into the family of Arch. & Mrs. Solomon Udom. He studied at Kent Int. Nur/Pri. School, Queen of Apostles Seminary and University of Uyo respectively.

Elisha Udom is the author of There Is Something out Of Something. As a writer and spoken word artist, he has written for many magazines including Uyo Eti Eka Magazine, Penroll Corporation, among others. Reformations is the second anthology to his credit.

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